What the dealer

doesn´t tell you

It is common for illegal drugs to during trafficking be mixed with unknown substances. This is because the dealer wants to make a bigger profit on the sale. This can have several consequences. At best, the mixture has no effect on the individual who consumes the drug. In worse cases, on the other hand, the mixture with drugs can result in permanent injuries and death. It occurs when the drug is mixed with B-12 laxatives, but also other agents used for animal treatment that are not adapted to the human body.

The dealer always sells with the intention of making a profit financially, even if it is to provide for a family or create extra capital in everyday life. They work hard to build a customer base that regularly consumes their products. The trader thinks calculatedly, strategically and manipulatively. They will therefore act as if they are a close friend of the customer, the relationship that is created thus makes the customer more willing to both trust and buy from the dealer. It is therefore important to understand as a customer, if you owe the dealer money, the friendly chararacter can quickly turn to violence and discord.

The dealer is usually unconcerned about what happens after the purchase. This means that if the customer overdoses, has crooked teeth or ends up in other problems due to consumption, the dealer remains unconcerned as long as the drugs were paid for. It is therefore important to understand how impersonal the purchase is from the dealer's perspective.

Although the dealer seems to give a confident impression, they rarely know what the contents of the product are. This is because the majority of dealers are intermediaries from a larger organization to a consumer. As the amount of intermediaries and parties are unknown, you therefore do not know how often and how much the drug has been mixed with other supplements. There is therefore no guarantee of what the drug contains, the purchases can therefore be related to Russian roulette over the individual's well-being.

You rarely get a unique deal, even if the purchase is marketed as something no one else has access to. Dealers do not have favorites that are awarded better prices than others, although this image can be created with the intention of increasing your consumption.