The meaning of different types of help

Social services: If you have problems with drugs, you can contact social services, they have caregivers who specialize in substance abuse problems. When you call to make an appointment, you should also tell us about your problems and how urgent your situation is. The visit is also subject to a small cost.

Health advice: It is easy to visit this care without an appointment and you do not have to provide personal information when visiting. At the health counseling, injection needles and syringes can be replaced with clean ones while the individual is informed about health care, care that can be sought against addiction and about infectious diseases.

Private substance abuse care: You can apply for private substance abuse care without a referral and / or payment connection. However, you will have to pay the full cost of the rehabilitation yourself.

Youth clinics: Are places designed to help young people and their families with substance abuse problems. They are usually free of charge and no referral is required to visit them. Many of them also have time where visits can take place without an appointment.

Institution and Rehabilitation care: This care is intended for when outpatient care is not enough. This also requires a payment connection and often a referral from the individual's doctor. You can therefore not seek this care voluntarily. The purpose of this care is to stop drug use and the patient may during their detoxification talk to nurses and doctors about how they feel, their lives, etc. If outpatient care is not enough after detoxification, institutional rehabilitation is considered where the individual for 1-4 weeks lives in the institution, participates in individual and group discussions as well as planning for what life after the institution should be like. The fees for this care vary, however, if a payment commitment is granted, the municipality pays for the care.