Misfire Weed-LSD

We were going to camp and take acid together out in the archipelago, three friends. Just over an hour into the trip, my friend starts to hav a bad trip. He runs around the island screaming that we have to go. We sat and smoked when this happens, thinking that it would end soon. This continues until we decide to go back to the port and sleep in tents there. During the trip home he tries to jump out of thee boat several times, which meant that we had to hold him down, he tried to destroy the engine which made it shut down, he then took an hour to tell us how to start it again, We then drive slowly for two hours to come back, without him changing his behavior in the cold. Meanwhile, he also tried to make holes in the bottom of the boat for no reason, which stressed us further. In the end of the trip, he wanted to take over the driving and tries to do it by force, and then almost runs us aground. When we arrive, he complains strongly about how bad we had been and that we don´t respect him for not wanting to sleep in the boat. Which ends with us leaving, thinking about how we thought we were going to die, since the hallucinations made us believe that the boat was sinking several times.

17 years