Misfire Cannabis

Pulled  like 3 throat hits and immediately felt how it started to spin, but I was not afraid. I went in and sat down with everyone else and for the first 10 minutes I did not notice anything special. Just felt like I was a little more tired than usual, and a little fuller. My friend who also tested for the first time disappeared more so for a while I thought that "well, it seems that it hit her more than me".


After a few minutes, I ended up outside the conversation and that was when it happened. I disappeared into myself. I have felt it before in a sober state, that is, that you disappear a little, feel absent, but it is usually easy to get away from. This time, however, it was different and I really could not come back to reality. The more I thought about it, the further away I ended up and the safer I became. In the end I panicked and that's the worst thing I've been through in my whole life. I did not know if I existed and thought I was going crazy. My heart was beating fast and I was SO FUCKING AFRAID.

I asked them to call an ambulance several times but they said they were aware of the situation and did not do so, but they tried to talk to me to help me. I had the world's biggest need to talk, I think that was my way of getting back to reality. After 3 "anxiety peaks" and after around 2 hours I was "good" again and dared to go to bed.


The thing is that it has now been 3 days (Tuesday today) and I still do not feel completely recovered. I still feel absent sometimes and both last Sunday and yesterday I was close to having another anxiety attack. Yesterday I was working and during the end of the day when I was tired, standing and doing a monotonous thing, I felt this feeling of disappearing in myself again and became so disgustingly scared. However, I managed to calm down somewhat and did not ball out as completely as I did last Saturday.


16 years