Candy Flipped at my house with two friends, everything went well until one of them started to sneeze. He pulled off his pants and started jerking off in front of us. We took him into a separate room upstairs and started talking about how disgusting it was. Then my friend went up to him when I called and talked to a friend. When I get up, he has pushed my friend to the ground and pulled down his pants to rape him. I try to keep him on the ground. He comes loose and tears down paintings around the room, after hitting me several times in the face screaming that he is going to fuck us all the time, we get him down on the ground. We then lie bleeding and hold him down on the ground crying for two hours before we get a mobile phone to call for help. The police arrive an hour later and it takes six of them to safely remove him, through all this he shouts the same things over and over again. "One, two, three all should suck my cock", "One, two, three, four, five now we will have sex" and finally "I have felt this on me for a long time, time to fuck". Still have trouble getting close to someone after this, tell me that you readers should know what can happen when someone has a crooked tooth.

18 years