There is a clear correlation between mental illness and drug use. This is based on the fact that vulnerable people are looking for solutions for their mental illness, of which drugs provide a temporary escape from reality during the high, followed by a worse mood than before.


Examples are:

  • A depressed individual uses cannabis to reduce anxiety.

  • An individual with social phobia drinks a lot of alcohol to become comfortable in social contexts.

  • An individual suffering from panic attacks uses Benzo, Xanax to reduce the symptoms of attacks or to stop them.

  • An individual with little energy and motivation takes adderall or heavier opiates (eg cocaine, meth and tjack) to become more energetic and productive.


The downside to this is that alcohol and drugs rarely help the individual deal with the underlying mental problems. Instead, they create new problems while exacerbating existing problems. Addiction also increases in these cases, the drug causes the individual to forget existing problems while the situation only worsens.


Symptoms of mental illness in substance abuse:

Drugs can often create symptoms of mental illness. Examples consist of substances that create symptoms of paranoia, depression and misconceptions. These symptoms can then continue after the effect of the drug stops working.


Examples of these are:

  • The use of drugs and large amounts of alcohol increase the risk of experiencing traumatic experiences, such as abuse and rape, which can then create greater mental problems with symptoms of depression, PTSD, eating disorders, etc.

  • During the high, the individual's ability to think consequently deteriorates, so it is often common for an individual to break the law and make decisions that create anxiety, whilst the individual struggles with a substance addiction.

  • Unprotected sex and the sharing of syringes often lead to the spread of the diseases HIV and hepatitis C. Which over time can create anxiety based on the life-changing consequences.

  • Depression is common among opiate addicts and alcohol addicts where the user's mental health deteriorates as an effect of lowering substance intake. Which can both worsen and create mental illnesses.