Läkare tittar på röntgen



The biggest danger with psychedelic fungi is that they contain the substance psilocybin, which affects the central nervous system in the brain and spinal cord. The injuries that can occur often vary between individuals. The intoxication from psychedelic fungi can often resemble the intoxication that appears from LSD and usually lasts for about 6 hours. The body quickly develops a tolerance to the drug and even with the second use, the same amount as the first time can feel lame. However, the body's tolerance often returns quite quickly. About 15-45 minutes after consuming mushrooms, the effects can begin in the form of euphoria and intense relationships with other people, animals and sometimes even objects. These are the pleasant effects, but the unpleasant effects can be, for example, anxiety, paranoia and frightening hallucinations. Unpleasant effects can also be physical in the form of cramps, muscle twitching or nausea.

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