Heroin is an opiate made from morphine and it is one of the most addictive drugs ever created. There are two types of heroin, brown and white. Brown heroin looks like gray-white stones that also come in powder, this variety is smoked like cigarettes or through pipes. White heroin has a texture reminiscent of flour, this is considered a purer form of the drug and is therefore more expensive.

When taking the drug, a strong feeling of euphoria is created, which becomes quieter after 30 minutes, the user then has a euphoric feeling for hours after ingestion. The danger with the drug is that the strong intoxication, which is followed by a rapidly increasing tolerance, easily leads to addiction. In case of excessive intake, the user may risk a respiratory arrest which in turn can lead to death. The drug also creates a strong abstinence with symptoms of nausea, muscle aches, dehydration, difficulty sleeping and toothache. Due to the fact that the most common intake of the drug is injection, HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B are also easily spread between users.