Various tobacco products contain the central stimulant substance nicotine, which is highly addictive. Its strong dependence also create a greater use of tobacco products, which has resulted in major health problems for society. Nicotine is experienced for the first time as unpleasant and can give a nauseous feeling, while smokers experience a pleasant, opposite feeling. A large proportion of those who use tobacco want to quit, but the strong dependence in combination with the availability of nicotine makes this difficult.


E Cigarettes (vape) are an alternative to smoking and it works by heating a special smoking liquid and forming steam. E cigarettes are seen as healthier because they do not contain many of the toxic substances that cigarettes have, however, the health risks are still largely unknown.


Cigarettes contain tobacco which in turn creates an addiction through its nicotine. The reason for smoking can vary from group pressure and identity to the calming feeling smoking gives. Clear effects of smoking are e.g. yellow teeth, intense cough, acne and poorer performance in bed. Smoking also increases the risk of dangerous diseases of the heart and lungs. Smoking also creates passive smoking for individuals in the environment who inhale the smoke from the smoker, which can lead to diseases for the environment as well.