What happens:

A shock can be life-threatening because it can create insufficient oxygen supply to the brain and other organs. It can be created by large doses of alcohol, benzo, ketamine and opiates that create great physical and or mental stress.


Mental shock: great mental stress, risk of suicide


Septic shock: can be caused by an irritated infection, blood loss.



fast, weak pulse, the individual is pale, cold sweaty, dizzy / irritated, disoriented, dizzy



Do not give the person something to eat or drink, at the risk of getting it down the airways. Also, do not leave the person alone without waiting for help.


What you should do:

Lay the individual straight on their back, check if the individual is breathing, if not perform CPR, put the person in a stable side position, if they are breathing CPR does not have to be started.


Call 112 for an ambulance whilst the above points takes place! Describe the stage of the individual and ask for descriptions of what to do.