Cannabis is the most common drug in the world. A high is created 10 - 40 minutes after the person has ingested the drug, the person may feel intoxicated. The perception of time changes and hours can feel like minutes and minutes like hours. THC, which is an active substance in cannabis, gives the user an intoxication and is therefore often used as a marker for the strength of the drugs effect. Cannabis is fat-dissolving, which means that the drug stays in the body for a longer period of time, about 6 weeks. The drug is therefore usually stored in the brain and in various intestines. This means that the person may experience impaired cognitive functions several weeks after the last intake. Some studies have shown that strong strings of cannabis can also lead to memory loss.

If cannabis is consumed through smoking, it can lead to the development of smoking-related diseases such as cancer and bronchitis. Cannabis users are at the same risk as other psychedelic drugs.

Edibles have the same effect as weed, but give a larger and more uncontrollable high. Distorted vision can also cause misalignments that result in major mental scars and injuries. The user also becomes very calm, which makes it difficult to detect a misfire and difficult for the individual to seek help.

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