Recovery Position

What you will do:

Open the airways:

Lay the person on their back on a level surface. Place one hand on the person's forehead and bend the head slightly backwards. Lift the person's chin by placing two fingers under the chin and gently lift the chin upwards. Be careful not to push the soft parts under the person's lower jaw.

Examine if the person is breathing:

  • Watch for chest and abdomen moving.

  • Listen for air flowing in and out by placing an ear close to the person's mouth and nose.

  • Have your cheek over the person's nose-mouth and feel if air is flowing out.


How to put the individual in a recovery position

Place the far arm across his/her chest with the back of the hand against the cheek. Hold the grip, while angling up the person's far knee with your other hand.

  • Press the knee and gently turn the unconscious person towards yourself.

  • Adjust the person's hand under the cheek to keep the airways open. Make sure that the head cannot fall forward.

  • Pull the upper leg out so that the body is stable.


Call 112 after the person has been placed in a recovery position,  as he/she must be examined by a doctor as soon as possible. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the person must be kept under surveillance. You should regularly watch, listen and feel if the person is breathing. Pay attention to whether the person is getting worse.