We work towards providing the next generation with a helping hand in the struggle that is addiction and mental illness

Increased anxiety during - Covid 19


The pandemic has worsened the mental state of many, with a clear connection between substance abuse and mental illness. In the links below you will find both information on the effects narcotics have on you, as well as, different help organizations.

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Last updated 18/3 2021

LiveClean now has multiple ambassadors in the EU, who are working towards developing...


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Last updated 18/3 2021

LiveClean is working together with our LiveClean Ambassadors in South America to create new versions of our platforms for...



Last updated 29/3 2021

LiveClean news on work in Asia, LiveClean ambassadors in HongKong hare developing...


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Last updated 18/3 2021

General news LiveClean. 


North America

Last updated 15/3 2021

LiveClean news on work in North-South America

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